Why Singapore Property is an Asset

The economic recession across the globe is apparent to many. Even if that is the case, Singapore turns out to be the single country in which investors are enthusiastic about the investment in real estate market. As a matter of fact, they are also positive about property holdings that may arise in the next few years. Needless to say, foreign property investment is an all-time high and investors are most likely to expand their portfolios as much as they can.

It is probably the right timing for most investors to invest in a Singapore property because the prices for private properties are increasing. They are but at a slow pace. As compared to any other attractive places in Asia, Singapore offers low prices. With its strategic location in the island, the place will always be friendly to those who want to prosper their money.

Investing in a Private Property and More

There are many business owners out there and big business corporates very excited about Asia. They perceive such as a huge market. Singapore would provide an ideal infrastructure so that they may base their business headquarters.

Please consider the following if you are thinking about investing a private property in Singapore:

  • Any foreigner who plans to stay in Singapore for a long period of time may be given the chance to apply for a Permanent Residence through visa under the so-called Enterprise Development Board’s Global Investor Program.
  • Please take note though that the government of Singapore has put a clause in this venture. Meaning, they can invest at least a million out of which the money may be invested in the real estate market.
  • Up to date, the foreign investors in Singapore holds 25% of the total sales in the said country. The island would provide political stability and would open a clear single policy tax rule which is unlikely to incur tax capital gains. There are other government policies that would also encourage foreign investment.

Needless to say, the garden city would provide a high-quality infrastructure which is equal to a solid and developed western nation. This is not surprising knowing that there is a vibrant environment which may be pleasant to all people interested. Indeed, Singapore is now a target investment city which may be the best for many.

Until now, Singapore would still be a land of opportunity. As this is the case, investors who are to invest in a Singapore Property would definitely have an asset. They would see it as a lucrative opportunity indeed. The government is open to foreign talents. It is for this reason that it would welcome capitalist investors who would add value to the economic growth of Singapore.

There are still many schemes which are run by the P category of government. At the end of the day, the goal is to attract foreign investors so that qualified ventures may be experienced. The cosmopolitan culture of Singapore would still continue to prosper. That is for sure.